Nyt fra Gobaru

Nyt fra Gobaru

søndag, 05 november 2017

Nyt fra venskabsmenigheden i Gobaru


First and foremost, we are grateful to God that at the long last, this project has reached to a successful completion. We are equally grateful to the Parish of Strandby and Elling for their continuous and relentless moral and financial support in aiding us alleviate some of these social needs of our parishioners.

These uniforms would have long since been supplied but by the time the fund arrived, schools were running towards examinations and closing for the third term holidays and also, due to the quantum of uniforms to be sewn, it took some time to do that and by the time the tailor could even reached middle, schools were already closed. We therefore decided that he should not do it in a hurry but that the distribution will rather take place during the reopening of schools for the next academic year. Sorry that this was not communicated earlier with you.

We are however pleased to inform you that the sewing has been completed and distribution of these uniforms have already taken place. Seven communities with a total number of 225 pupils benefitted from this project. These communities include; Gobaru, Walima, Massam, Sahun Kpaka, Karlu, Bayama and Mono Gbonjeima respectively. Amongst these benefitiaries are; ophans, vulnerable kids etc.

Out of this same budget sent, there was a support for roofing of the constructed canteen. I am also pleased to inform you that the canteen has been roofed and much work has been done towards its completion.